Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sheraton Columbus Hotel


Mystery, Thrills & Suspense I
Yolonda Tonette Sanders, Robert Glinski, Karen Harper, Andrew Welsh-Huggins
Legislative Room A

From Another Realm: Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Mike Resnick, Terry Ervin II, Brian McClellan, S. Andrew Swann
Legislative Room B

The Power of Words
David Baker, Kazim Ali, Darren Demaree, Larry Smith
House Room A

Young Adult I: Fiction & Nonfiction
Susan Bradley, Julie Anne Lindsey, Brandon Marie Miller, Natalie D. Richards
House Room B

Writing for the Young Reader I: Middle Grade
Mary Kay Carson, Marlane Kennedy, Aileen Stewart, Tara Tyler
Senate Room A

Extraordinary Lives: Biography
Tom Diemer, Lee Leonard, Timothy Gaffney, Eugene Schmiel
Senate Room B


Real People, Real Stories
Michelle Houts, Thrity Umrigar, Tom Batiuk, Brad Ricca
Legislative Room A

Dystopian Fiction: Dark Imaginings
Lissa Bryan, Tracy Lawson, Mindy McGinnis
Legislative Room B

Ohio Stories: Columbus Landmarks
Emily Foster, David Meyers, Elise Meyers Walker
House Room A

Young Adult II: Contemporary
Edith Pattou, Colleen Clayton, Erin McCahan
House Room B

The Story Behind the Story I: Fiction Roundtable
Deanna Adams, Paisley Cruz, Kurt Landefeld, Ryan Ireland
Senate Room A

Back to Nature: Non-Fiction
Gene Logsdon, Gary Meszaros, Connie Pond, Robert Pond, Daniel Rice, Scott Zanon
Senate Room B


The Creative Life
Jeffrey Ebbeler, Ann Hagedorn, Celeste Ng, Michael J. Rosen
Legislative Room A

Mystery, Thrills & Suspense II
Dan Andriacco, Shelley Costa, Amanda Flower, Kylie Logan, Sam Thomas
Legislative Room B

Ohio Stories: Crimes, Disasters & Mysteries
Sandra Gurvis, Susan Guy, Richard O. Jones, Jane Ann Turzillo
Senate Room A

Historical Fiction: Stories Set in Real Places & Times
R.C. Durkee, Mary Ellis, Claire Gebben, TJ Turner, Cindy Thomson
Senate Room B

In Brief: Essays, Poems, and Short Stories
David Baker, Neil Carpathios, Robert Miltner, Lucy Snyder
House Room A

Young Adult III: Fantasy Roundtable
Laura Bickle, Cinda Williams Chima, Julie Drew, Vicki Leigh
House Room B


How We Write, What We Write
Gene Logsdon, Edith Pattou, Mike Resnick, Yolonda Tonette Sanders
Legislative Room A

Horror, Suspense & the Supernatural
Julie Flanders, Mark Rigney, Debra Robinson, Tim Waggoner
Legislative Room B

Scenic Ohio: Through the Eye of the Camera
Ian Adams, Barney Taxel
House Room A

Writing for the Young Reader II: Middle Grade
Michelle Houts, Andrea Cheng, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Tricia Springstubb
House Room B

The Story Behind the Story II: Fiction Roundtable
Sherri Hayes, Eliot Parker, Lynn Rae, R.G. Yoho
Senate Room A

Inspirational Stories
D. Rose Elder, Linda Mercadante, Joanne Huist Smith
Senate Room B


Fiction by Women: Unique Voices & Visions
Celeste Ng, Thrity Umrigar, Shari Goldhagen, Leah Stewart
Legislative Room A

Publishing: Everything You Wanted to Know
Gillian Berchowitz, Kelsey Swindler
Legislative Room B

Ohio Stories: Cleveland & Cincinnati
Michael DeAloia, Laura Taxel, Craig Sanders, Mike Shannon, Betty Weibel
Senate Room A

From the Pages of History: Roundtable
Eli Beachy, Jay Hoster, Robert Earnest Miller, Mary Stockwell
Senate Room B

Imagination at Play: Stories for Children
Jeffrey Ebbeler, Tim Bowers, Kevin Cordi, Jane Dippold, Tammie Lyon
House Room A

Narrative Nonfiction, Biography & Memoir
Ann Hagedorn, Mike Bartell, Brett Harper
House Room B

All Day Activities

—Children’s Activities
—Barnes & Noble Bookstore and Starbucks Cafe
—Food from award-winning local food trucks and carts
—Book Fair–meet your favorite authors

Schedule and panel participants liable to change without prior notice